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Waterproof connector, as the name suggests, is a waterproof plug, but waterproof plug in addition to whether the difference between waterproof, there is a main difference is that ordinary plugs are generally composed of plugs and sockets, plugs and plug generally waterproof plug, that is We often call the waterproof male and female plugs, connected together to form a complete set of waterproof plugs, also known as waterproof connector, is a product of two different titles, like a bicycle or bike.

Product Specification

1. Rated Current:1A

2. Rated Voltage: 60V
3. Standard: IEC 61076-2-105

4. Rated Temperature: -25degree, +80degree
5.Corrosion Resistance: Salt spray test, >48h 
6. Insulation Resistance: >100MΩ
7.Ingress protection: IP66~IP67

8. Material : Brass


Product Show

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What we can provide?


1.Do you offer cables too?

Yes,we can offer cables


2.Do you offer samples?

 We can offer samples to test


3.If this connector is not compatible, can I ask for money back?

 Yes, if it can not work, we can refund money 


4.What payment term sreada offer?

TT in advance, Western Union


5.How about the delivery time of this connector  does?

 5-7 days for samples,15-30 days for big orders