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Product Details

M15 Waterproof Wire Connector Plugs Product Description: This M15 IP68 Waterproof Connector Cable Set is designed for projects in outdoor application. The connector is with the o-ring and removable over-screw. The o-ring is what makes the waterproof seal, and the over-screw keeps the two halves connected solidly.   Ideal working for LED strips, LED wall-washers, LED underground light, LED rope right, LED belt light, curtain light, twinkle light etc.   Specification:  
Number Of Contracts 2 3 4
Wire Gauge 24AWG, 22AWG, 20AWG 24AWG, 22AWG 24AWG, 22AWG
Rated Current 5A
Protection Degree IP67
Color Available Black, White
  Product picture of M15 waterproof wire connector plugs:     FAQ:   Q.What is the degree of protection A:Dust level (the first X said) 0: No protection 1: Prevent large solids intrusion 2: Prevent medium size solid intrusion 3: to prevent the intrusion of small solids 4: to prevent the entry of solids greater than 1mm 5: prevent the accumulation of harmful dust 6: completely prevent dust from entering Waterproof rating (second X) 0: No protection 1: dripping into the shell no effect 2: water or rain drops from 15 degrees to the shell no effect 3: water or rain drip from the 60-degree angle to the shell no effect 4: No effect splashing water at any angle 5: No effect of low-pressure injection at any angle 6: High pressure jet water has no effect 7: Can be tolerated in a short time (15cm-1m, within half an hour) 8: under a certain pressure for a long time immersed in water   Waterproof plugs role: 1. Avoid spraying water intrusion Rainproof or can avoid the vertical angle between the direction of less than 60 degrees of water sprayed into the electrical damage caused by 2. Avoid splashed water intrusion Avoid water splashing in all directions from entering the appliance and causing damage 3. Avoid injection of water intrusion Avoid water from all directions from the nozzle into the electrical damage caused by water 4 to avoid waves intrusion Electrical equipment installed on the deck to avoid the damage caused by the invasion of the big waves 5. Avoid water intrusion when immersed Electrical immersion in water for a certain period of time or water pressure below a certain standard to ensure that no damage caused by flooding 6. Avoid sunken water intrusion Electrical indefinitely submerged in the specified water pressure, to ensure that no damage caused by flooding