3Pin M16 Assembly Waterproof Connector

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Waterproof plug, a plug that can achieve waterproof function. Nowadays, waterproof plugs are needed everywhere in life. With everyone's safety awareness, in the kitchen, bathroom, smart appliances, outdoor, new energy products, etc. Smart air conditioners used in the home nowadays also need to use waterproof plugs, and nowadays home appliances tend to be intelligent. Just a waterproof plug can meet a rigorous requirement in this regard. And the waterproof plug can provide two functions of power and signal, and now the ordinary power cord of the home appliance can't be achieved. In the future, it will slowly replace the position of some power lines, and there is a possibility to replace the DC line.

Product Specification

Shipping:DHL/ FedEx/ UPS...
Lead Time:7 Day(s) After Payment Received
Customization:Over 1000 Pieces-Customized Logo

Place of Origin:Guangdong,China(Mainland)
Brand Name:Kenhon
Product Name:M16 Assembly Waterproof Plug 
Package Method:Tray Packaging

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Q: How many years wattanty?
A: We supply 2 years warranty. Once you find quality problem from our company during warranty period, please supply us pictures or video to confirm, if it's our quality problem, we will send you relacement, don't undertake shipping cost.


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