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Waterproof Fuse Box Automobile

Product Description

Product nameWaterproof 6 way auto blade fuse box for SUV
Product modelCar Fuse Box
MaterialPC, PBT, Nickel plated copper
Input terminalM5 threaded studs
Input rating100A 32V DC.max
Output Terminal6.3mm Male terminal
Output rating30A max per circuit
ApplicationCars,  Bus, Boats, RV car, Yacht, SUV and Off-road vehicle.
Suitable forMiddle size Blade fuse
Output circuit6 Way Circuit
Product Keywords6 way fuse box, auto waterproof fuse box, automobile fuse box


1. Max output current is 30A per way.
2. Max Input current is 100A.
3. Suitable for middle size blade fuse (ATC,ATO).
4.When a fuse is broken, the red LED lamp indicates. When the power is connected and the fuse is not plugged in, the LED lamp indicates.
5. One input and Six output circuit.
6. Input wire size: # 4-6AWG; Output wire size: # 12-16AWG.
7. It is widely used in Cars, Bus, Boats, RV car, Yacht, SUV and Off-road vehicle.

  Base: PBT
  Cap: PC
  Terminal: Nickel plated copper
  Screw: Stainless steel
  Label: PP*40



Q). What is the benefit of outsourcing your harness?
A).  It is simple: you get a high quality, production-ready product at a lower cost.


Q). Does your company have the capability to handle a big order?
A). Our factory annual production capability is 5,700,000pcs wire harness, turn over are more than $5 million. Large order quantity is welcome.


Q). What if I don't have any samples or drawings?

A). Yes, we also have an R & D department going to help you, you just need to provide as many details as you can.


Q). what cable/wire standard you are used?
A). Normally, we use UL standard wire and cable, like UL1007, UL1015, UL1569, UL2468, UL2464, UL3266, etc. are regular wire and cable in our stock. Other wires like GXL, SXL, TXL, AVS, AVSS, FLRY, H03VV, H05VV, H07VV, SP-1, SP-2, etc. are available.