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9 Pin Waterproof Cable Connector PVC IP67 Electric Waterproof Connector is our new product and it's also a better product we sell.We are committed to providing you with high quality products and services that best suit you.We firmly believe that your opinion is an important driving force for our perfection.If you are interested in our products or services, please feel free to contact us.All comments or feedback are also appreciated.

PVC characteristics and uses

The product has excellent flame retardant performance, low smoke during combustion, and no corrosive gas escape. It is widely used in nuclear power plants, subway stations, telephone exchanges and computer control centers, high-rise buildings, hotels, radio and television stations, important military installations, and petroleum. Platforms, etc., as well as places where people are concentrated and air density is low. The halogen-free low-smoke, low-halogen and low-smoke characteristics of the cable, when the fire occurs, the spread speed is slow, the smoke concentration is low, the visibility is high, and the release amount of harmful gas is small, which is convenient for personnel to evacuate. The combustion gas is less corrosive and avoids damage to the equipment. The low-halogen and halogen-free properties make the cable material greatly resistant to aging and UV and other radiation, thus prolonging the service life of the cable.

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