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Product Details

Kenhon T Type 3+2 IP67 Electric Waterproof Wire to Wire Connector Plug

Product Description & Specification:

Product Name: T-type three-way waterproof connector

Wiring material: line 24 to 20, maximum outer diameter 5.5

Product attribute related description:

1, Product name: engineering plastic waterproof cable

2, Wire material: PVC, silicone, rubber.

3, Terminal material: ยข2.0MM-1.5MM brass

4, As shown in Figure 4, the outer diameter of the wire: 5.0MM-9.0MM

5, Rated voltage: 250V / withstand voltage 2000V

6, Rated current: 15A

7, Wire temperature resistance: -40 degrees - 120 degrees

8, Connection type: spiral round male and female mating interface, forced nut design, O-ring sealing protection. Waterproof capacity IP68

9, The scope of application: air conditioning, refrigerators, washing machines, submersible pumps, LED street lights, LED drive power, LED display, lighthouse, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communications equipment, automotive cables, power tools.

Showcase of T Type 3+2 IP67 Electric Waterproof Wire to Wire Connector Plug

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