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M16 IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector

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M16 series connector equivalent as Binder eries 423, 723 and 425 family of connectors are rugged, high-performance circular connectors with excellent EMI shielding and IP67. Ideal choice for severe industrial and commercial applications. Panel-mounted receptacle are available in many styles and mounting methods.

Rugged metal shells

Straight or right-angle cable connector

Right-angle cable connectors adjustable in 4 radial positions

Excellent 360° EMI shielding and IP67

Internal strain relief

Product picture of M16 waterproof plug:


Q: What is the Storage temperature for M16 waterproof plug?

A: -25℃~85℃

Q: What is the Voltage rate of M16 waterproof plug?

A: AC250V

Q: What is the Waterproof rating of M16 waterproof plug?

A: IP65-IP68