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For full specifications, please read the user manual

VoltageDC 36 Volts
Limit current (max. continuous)15 Amps or 18Amps
Motor Weight3.7kgs (15A), 3.9kgs (18A)
Max crank speed78 +/- 5 RPM
Chain ring46 Teeth

What is in the kit?
- motor
- crank arms
- brake levers for cable operated brakes.
- thumb throttle.
- 46 teeth chain ring.
- round black plastic chainguard.
- LCD display.

Why choose a chain drive?
A hub motor can only deliver limited torque, fine for flat roads and easy gradient but on steep hills, the motor will slow down, its efficiency and output power will drop rapidly.
A crank drive motor transmits power to the chain which can be adapted to the terrain using gears.
A CD motor can then be kept running at optimal speed all the time, saving battery and provides maximum power.

So if you want to ride hills, a chain drive bike is a must.

A crank drive motor performance chart:
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Easy controls
Before riding, press the on/off next
to the trip computer on the left handlebar.
There are 3 level of pedal assist, 1 provides the least
assistance, 3 the highest.
Level 0 is no assistance to pedalling, you can still use the throttle for instant power if you need to.
Press the + and - button to select the desired level.
If you start pedalling, the pedal assist sensor will sense
that and supply about 80% of the energy.
The bike will woosh you along nicely - the motor is very quiet.
Maximum speed is 15mph and computer controlled.

Installation in 6 steps

Download and read the BBS01 Installation Manual
Download and read the King Meter C961 LCD Manual
1) Remove your bottom bracket and front derailleur
2) Insert the motor and install the motor hanger, fasten the bottom bracket.
3) Install the battery.
4) Install the LCD.
5) Connect the waterproof cable and the battery cable.
6) Install the thumb throttle and the brake handles.

Showcase of 3+6 Motor Head Ebike IP65 Waterproof Cable Power Connector

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