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Awareness of product quality

With the constant improvement of the marketization, Kenhon strengthen contacts with each country enterprise, we realize that only the continuous development of new products, improve market adaptability, to strengthen the control of the product, get more sino products to the world, pay more attention to the performance of the product and package new era, we will continue to improve the performance of the product and the service level.

Reasons for reform

Waterproof line, as a kind of lamp decoration accessories, has become a kind of cable connector series at present, widely used all kinds of cable connection occasions, only constantly walking in the forefront of The Times, can not be eliminated by the market.Before a single LED waterproof male female butt plugs to line to line, line of plate, sheet surface waterproof connector industry has experienced several times technological revolution, a lot of enterprise still stay in a single line to line has been difficult to adapt to the development of the industry, the influx of foreign customers constantly at the same time, cause we more should attach great importance to the industry development of the world, and foreign demand.

Product Description & Specification

Product NO:M10  8 Pin
Company Name:Kenhon
Location:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Application:E-bike, LED
Wirie Connector
Waterproof Grade:IP67
Delivery:15 Days


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