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The relationship between LED life and temperature


In the industry, the problem of LED heat dissipation has become a difficult and important task, which gradually attracts people's attention. As you know, the LED's light decay, namely its life, is directly linked to its junction temperature.We know from the famous Arrhenius law that when the temperature drops by 10 degrees Celsius, the life of an LED doubles.We look at figure 1, which was released by Cree.As long as we control the junction temperature to 65 degrees Celsius, its light decay to 70 percent of its life will be up to 100,000 hours!The result is the life span that everyone dreams of achieving, but can it really be realized?The answer is yes, the key is the heat dissipation problem.Unfortunately, the reality of LED cooling is so different from this ideal requirement.Therefore, the light failure of LED lamps undoubtedly becomes an important phenomenon affecting its performance.

FIG. 1

It is also very important that the junction temperature we talked about not only affects the long life, but also directly affects the short time luminescence efficiency, as shown in figure 2, also released by Cree.

FIG. 2

If the junction temperature at 25 degrees is 100 percent, then when the junction temperature rises to 60 degrees, its luminous capacity is left to nine.When the junction temperature is at baidu, it drops to 80%.At 140 degrees, there are only seven left.Therefore, it is very important to speed up the heat dissipation and strictly control the junction temperature.

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Brand Name:Kenhon
Location:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Product NO:M18 4 Pin
Waterproof Grade:IP67
Application:LED, Automotive, Scooter
Connector:Wirie Connector
Packaging:Tray Packaging
Delivery Time:15 Days


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