F type m15 waterproof plug connector street lamp connector

Product name: M15 tow-plate waterproof connector
Product model: JH-M15-NS-MF-02
Rated voltage: 250V
Large current: 20A
Optional core number: 2 core, 3 core, 4 core, 5 core, 6 core
Product form: socket, plug after welding injection.
Protection level: IP68 (other requirements should be raised when ordering)
Wire material: PVC, rubber, silicone other. According to customer requirements. The LED street lamp wire connector is usually the national standard RVV sheath wire, and we also welcome customers to come to the wire, and our company will process and inject the waterproof male and female connector.
Type of Y type power plug wire: wire harness/connection wire/terminal wire
Y type waterproof joint is a very main product on the market, mainly used in street lamps, plant lamps, assembly lines, we have small power, high power series, the main difference between 2 core 3 core wire to wire is the size of F type joint, as well as the thickness and length.
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