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4Pin One Trailer Three M8 IP67 Waterproof Cable Connector for LED Light

Product Description:

Waterproof wire is suitable for almost all electronic industries. They are safe and highly waterproof.

Our waterproof products are technically quite mature and widely used, but there are still many innovative new solutions in many areas.

Waterproof wire is easy to install, control and maintain, the unique design meets your requirements. For corrosive environments, uv-intensive environments are available.


M8 is miniaturized connector, with good waterproof performance, abundant product core number and high cost performance.The main product should be used for sensors and other volume needs small domain.

LED drive power wiring scheme


1. In the past, the method was as follows: buy the power plug and send it to the wire harness manufacturer for injection molding of waterproof male and female head, and then connect it with LED.

2. Now, the solution is: buy the waterproof connector of the package, and connect it by yourself.


Product Details

Product Name:One Trailer Three M8
Type:Y Type
4 Core
Waterproof Grade:IP67
Connector Type:
Shipping Port:Shenzhen
Packaging:Tray Packaging
Lead:15 Days

Showcase of 4Pin One Trailer Three M8

The importance of waterproof connectors

Waterproof connector is a kind of electronic component with waterproof function used in water work. It can place power cord and network cable inside, which can not only provide normal and safe power supply and signal transmission, but also play a very good waterproof and dustproof effect.

With the development of technology, a lot of things in our life will use electricity now. However, charged things will have a certain impact on our safety. Therefore, waterproof is very important.For example, if some equipment is going into the water or installed underwater, the use of waterproof connectors can avoid the problem of damage to mechanical equipment by water, especially water containing more chemicals.

The advent of waterproof connectors is a great boon to us.It has a wide range of applications. I need to use waterproof connectors in many fields, such as industrial environment, such as LED lighting, urban outdoor lighting engineering, lighthouse, cruise ship, aviation, industrial equipment, cables, sprinklers and so on.Due to the strict application requirements in the military field, waterproof connectors, such as submarine connectors, submarine missile connectors.

Use of waterproof connectors

First, waterproof plugs are a special form of plugs used daily.We know that if you want to make current flow better, you need to put the circuit by means of series or parallel, enabling them to produce certain circuit circulation, and then you can get on current branch to various household appliances, then this kind of waterproof plug is on the basis of daily plug role to add the function of waterproof and this one of the more important, so on the overall performance is improved, I think it is worthy of our family purchase and use a kind of the spectrum of the products.

Second, the waterproof plug is used to provide electricity to the household electrical appliances.Then we can use this kind of goods to make our electricity more safe and give us the best consumption experience at the expense we can accept. In general, this kind of goods is very cost-effective.

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