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Product Description & Specification

Place of Origin:                                 

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

JH-M8 4pin

Model Number:

M8 4pin


Waterproof circular connector


Automotive  Seafaring   outdoors


male and female





Insulation Material:


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frequently asked questions

1. Q: what is the information required for the quotation?

Answer: connectors and cable series, male and female, voltage and current, cable specifications A and length.

2. Q: what is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Answer: 10.

3. Q: what can JH provide for product certification?

Answer: IP65 IP66 IP67, IP68 certification.

4. The lead time of the sample?

A: after a week, it will be confirmed according to different products.

5. Question: is the order amount ahead of time?

A: 3-4 weeks, will be confirmed on the basis of different products

6. Q: do you inspect incoming materials before production and check the shipment of finished products?

Yes. We have incoming inspection, process quality inspection and shipment inspection.

7. Q: how do you deliver the finished product?

Answer: according to the requirements of customers, air freight, shipping or express.

8. Q: what terms of delivery or trade terms are available?

EXW, FOB, FCA Hongkong, teletype version is available.

Q9: what kind of guarantee do you offer?

A1: ensure high quality products and provide customers with corresponding quality.

A2: accept customer advice.

A3: we will regularly inform you of the product's testing and certification to ensure product quality and safety.

Q10: what is the difference between the connector we need and your specifications?

A: what's the difference? We can design and manufacture according to your requirements, including connectors, cables, colors, materials, moulds, processing requirements, etc.

Q11: I am puzzled about how to choose waterproof connectors that meet my requirements.

We will make the engineer out of the corresponding drawings according to the customer's request, and after the customer confirmation, we will do the workshop production, ensure that each link can be accurate and special. We will provide a one-stop professional service for every customer.