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Specializing in the production of various specifications of DC lines. Spring wire, spiral wire, plug power cord. Audio

   The DC line is an electronic industrial product; the specification and length of the wire can be customized according to the requirements of the customer; the price is also given according to the actual parameters; and the inner core has pure copper wire, tinned wire, lacquered wire, etc. Generally used for alternating current; The seven voltages are not very large, but they are large; most of them are used for signal transmission; etc., and there are also some for high voltage; the following explains some basic parameters of the DC line;

Product Specification  

DC line; DC plug has;

   6.3X3.1 6x1.4 6x1.0 4.75x1.7 2.5x1 2.5x0.7

   5x2.8 5x2.5 5x2.1 5x1.4 5x1.0

   3.9x1.3 3.8x1.4 3.8x1.0 3.5x1.7 3.5x1.4 3.5x1.35 3.5x1.1 3.4x1.0

  Long-term injection molding; 5.5X2.5 5.5X2.1 3.5X1.7 3.5X1.5 3.5X1.35 3.5X1.1

  The above specifications are understood as; the large number is the outer diameter; the small number is the inner diameter such as; 5.5X2.1 5.5 the plug is the outer diameter / 2.1 is the plug inner diameter

  DC plug injection molding can be equipped with a garden line. Flat lines, parallel lines, and assembly are generally used for garden lines.

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