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Product Details

Customized M12 Male Female Waterproof Plugs & Sockets 8Pin IP68

Product Description

M12 round connector, a high level connector that meets EU standards. High signal integrity and excellent performance.

M12 circular connector, combined with power and data lines, features reduced footprint and reduced installation and cost for process automation and industrial applications, automation equipment, electronics, electronic instrumentation, sensors, commercial transportation, and Military/aerospace applications.

With 4/5/8 contacts, it is capable of carrying up to 4A per contact. The injection molding technology used in the product ensures a perfect IP67 seal and provides reliable strain relief.


The main product types of M12 circular connectors are available with and without cables. The cable length can be customized according to user requirements.

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Product Spesification

Interface type: AC/DC

Contact material: gold plated parts

Number of stitches: 3, 4

Type: line to line

Custom processing: Yes

Shape: round

Application range: sensor

Line length: 2, 3, 5, 9, 10 (mm)

Model: M8/m12 series

Features: waterproof

Number of cores: 3, 4.5.8

Production process: injection molding

Application field

M12 circular connectors are mainly used in outdoor light boxes, construction machinery, steel production equipment, power equipment, mining machinery, ship machinery, automotive equipment, automatic production equipment, temperature transmitters, hydraulic machine tools, sensors, solenoid valves, instrumentation, Pressure transmitter and more.


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