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Product Details

Male Female IP65 M12 LED Waterproof Power Cable Joint Connector


Ambient temperature:-20°C~+80°C

Insulation resistance ≥ 100M Ω

Contact resistance:≤5MΩ

Degree of peotection : IP67 in locked condition

Certified:CE & UL


connector specification:

Insert : PA+GF

Contac:  brass with gold plating

Screw/nut: Brass with nickel plated



Cable Jacket:

Cable Jacket:PVC or PUR

Wire insulation:PVC

Cable length:Option


waterproof M12 connector,fix screw with self-locking threaded joint,waterproof IP67 M12 cable connector.

Protected from dust and water during immersion,resistance to many oils and chemical.

Can be easily connected to proximity switches,photoelectric barries,flow moitoring devices

and field bus components sensor devices and actuator devices.

Satisfy all the requirements of sensor devices and actuator devices in automation technology.


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