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Product Details

Product name model, form and parameters:

Product model: M12. Default color: black. 1 set of baby (including male and female heads, including male and female heads total length 40 cm).

1. Quality assurance: The product has the functions of waterproof, oil proof, dustproof, strong tensile strength, scientific design, strong tightness and aging.

2, the material is diverse: conventional products: the joint material is PVC, the wire type is CCC national standard or UL American standard RVV sheathed wire, the regular length is 200mm for male and female heads.

3, the full range: there are ordinary plastic head, plastic core mold, Milding and other large, medium and small types to provide choice.

4, outlet design: fixed a variety of wire outlets (multi-strand, flat wire, power cord, cold and high temperature UV, etc.).

5, product appearance color: black, white, transparent, etc. (the default color is black).

6, line length: according to customer requirements arbitrarily long (regular long male and female each 20cm).

7. Please indicate the number of cores, the square of the cross-sectional area of the inner line, the color, the length of the line, the peeling of the tail end and the length of the tin (normally 3cm and 3mm) when ordering. Please specify on the order.

8, parameters:

● Interface type: AC/D.

● Shape: Round.

●Manufacturing process: stamping, welding, injection molding.

● Features: Waterproof IP67 (required for higher order).

● Contact material: pure copper (terminal and wire copper wire machine crimped and manually welded.

●Insulator material: PVC.

● Form: The rated voltage of the socket after injection and socket plug: (AC 110V, 380V).

● Rated current: 1-19A (select safe current according to the connector and wire).

● Breakdown voltage: ≥1500V (special requirements, please specify when ordering).

● Working temperature: -40~120 °C.

●Line length: arbitrarily long according to customer requirements (20cm each regular long male and female).

Second, the size chart, exploded view and installation diagram:

NO1: exploded view:

NO2: Dimensional drawing:

NO3: Installation diagram:

Third, the main application areas case:

A, suitable for waterproof and quick connection of ADSL network cable and communication control of new optoelectronic products such as LED and LCD.

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1.What's information do you need for quoting?

For Cable harness, please advise cable specs, part number, or send drawings.

2.Can you offer samples, lead time?

Yes, sample is available, about 1-2 week lead time.

3. Mass production lead time?

3-4 weeks.