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Product Description

M15 2pin blue head waterproof connector plug is usually used in automotive, its waterproof rate is IP68. The product also used in various LED power adapters, sensor equipment, mechanical adapters, advertising signboard equipment, etc. Simultaneously, it also widely used in outdoor led equipment, grating, CCTV (closed circuit monitoring series), factory au tomation control, wireless bridge and so on.

Product Specification

Product Name:  High Standard M15 Blue Head Electrical Waterproof Connector Plug for Automotive
Origin:Shenzhen city in Guangdong Province, China
Pin:2 Pin, Copper Alloy
Material:Nylon gum
Total Supply:10000
Gender:Male & Female
Delivery Time:Delivery within 7 days from the date of payment from the buyer

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 How to buy the Waterproof connector? 

* Confirm the Cable Materials;

* Confirm the Core Number and Core Diameter

* Choose Right Plugs according to Detailed Requirements;

* Confirm the Cable Length;

* Confirm the Tail Process;

* Special Process(SR, Strapping)