M12 Assembly Waterproof Connectors IP68

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Assembly Type M12 Male Female Waterproof Connectors IP68 for bulkhead


M12 modular connectors give users more flexibility and solutions during site installation.M12 is installed on site in both 180-degree and 90-degree versions.This product includes both metal and plastic unshielded connectors, corresponding to the cable diameter of 4 to 7.5 mm.We can select nuts according to customer requirements to meet the higher requirements of the application environment.


Three major features of connector


Environmental performance: common environmental performance includes temperature resistance, humidity resistance and salt spray corrosion resistance.

electrical properties: mainly includes contact resistance, insulation resistance, current and electrical resistance.

Mechanical properties: mainly include positioning keys, plug and pull force, locking mode, mechanical life, vibration and impact resistance.


Common technical specifications of IP68 waterproof connector

1. Link method: quick link, panel mounting type, dragline type, male and female butt.

Material: nylon plus fiber, PVC......

Shell material: nylon 66,

Insulation material: nylon 66,

Contact: gold plated copper alloy.

Seal (seal) : ding qing rubber /EPDM/ silicon rubber

Case material: stainless steel

3. Protective rating: generally IP66, IP67 and IP68

Color: black

Five, the working environment temperature: - 40 - + 85 ° C

Vi. Flame retardant rating: UL94-V0

7. Rush: acceleration 490m/s squared

Electric current: 1.5a, 10A

Ix. Voltage: 50V, 500A

Vibration: 10~250Hz

Chipset: 2-15 core not equal, needle, hole: brass

12. Maximum line diameter: usually 5mm,7mm

Number of times of plugging: over 1000

Product Info

Company Name:Kenhon
Location:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Product NO:M12 Assembly Type 
Waterproof Level:IP68
Connector:Wirie Connector
Packaging:Tray Packaging
Lead Time:15 Days

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1. First, clarify the demand of the product, the current and voltage tell our salesman; 

2. The sample joint confirms whether the customer's waterproof requirements and electrical performance requirements are met;

3. Drawing confirmation, and proofing, small batch test;

4. Confirmation of packaging and logistics requirements.


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