M19 Street Lamp Waterproof Connector

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Product Description

The advantage of the waterproof male and female plugs is still waterproof. When the waterproof male and female plugs are designed for waterproofing, they are isolated from the outside water. The interior has a uniquely designed venting hole to prevent immediate ingress of moisture. This effect can avoid the bad factors of being shocked, and at the same time increase the material that is not intruded by water molecules to damage the inside of the plug.

Waterproof Line for Security

Electric power security engineering has been paid more and more attention. The traditional outdoor power installation is now installed in the pre-embedded power project. The purpose is to reduce the safety hazards caused by electricity and bring a safe living environment to everyone. Therefore, the waterproof connector is very important for everyone on the wire and cable. Choosing a good waterproof connector can not only reduce the safety hazard caused by power, but also reduce the procurement cost.

Product Specification

Place of Origin:Guangdong,China(Mainland)
Brand Name:Kenhon
Product Name:M19 Assembled Waterproof Cable 
Package Way:
Lead Time:7-15

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What we can provide?


1.Do you offer cables too?

Yes,we can offer cables


2.Do you offer samples?

 We can offer samples to test


3.If this connector is not compatible, can I ask for money back?

 Yes, if it can not work, we can refund money 


4.What payment term sreada offer?

TT in advance, Western Union


5.How about the delivery time of this connector  does?

 5-7 days for samples,15-30 days for big orders

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