M27 IP67 Waterproof Socket and Plug

Product Details

M27 4 pin IP67 panel mount waterproof socket and plug use for data save

M27 waterproof plugs shape in circular, Working temperature is -40°C~ + 85°C, Storage temperature is -25°C~85°C,  Max cable OD is ≤4mm,  Voltage rate is AC300V, Current rate is 20A, there have 2 pin to 4 pin, up to IP 67 waterproof rate, M27 waterproof plugs is not a panel mount waterproof socket, it's a wire plugs, can use for data save, bicycle or other similar products.   Specification of M27 waterproof socket and plug:
Model No.: M27
Shape Circular
Color Black, white, accept customization
Working temperature -40℃~ + 105℃
Storage temperature -25℃~85℃
Atmospheric pressure (86~106)KPA
Relative humidity ≤90%
Method Welding/Stamping
Interface type AC/DC
Max cable OD Φ4.0mm
Joiner Φ1.5
Jack material PA
Core 2-3
Pin 2-3
Forming Injection molding
Voltage rate AC300V
Current rate 20A
Withstand voltage 1.5KV/1minute
Waterproof rate IP67
Wire materials PVC, Rubber, Teflon and etc.
Range 1.0-2.5mm2
Core 2-3
  Product picture of M27 waterproof socket and plug:           Kenhon Technology has been focused on the production of high quality M27 waterproof socket and plug since 2007, which is well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of M27 waterproof socket and plug. In the past years, we owned strong reputation for the high quality, reliable performance and strong durability of our products. Should you are interested, please feel free to contact our factory.   Any questions ? Q: What is the advantage of Nylon? A: difficult deformation, high temperature resistant   Q: Why you use the solid copper terminals, buy not hollow copper terminal? A: difficult deformation, easy to plug   Q: application for waterproof connector A: waterproof cable connectors, with high-quality PA66 nylon engineering materials, can be used in many places, such as used in LED street light, communication equipment, outdoor Large electronic display, LED spot lighting, video lighting and audio equipment and engineering, etc.   Packaging & Shipping Packing:1.Plastic bag;2.Carton; 4.As customer requirement. Shipping:There are all kinds of methods of shipment for you to choose,competitive express freight such as DHL/ FedEx/ UPS...For those of mass orders, a quote of ocean shipping would be provided too if required. If you interested in any items,Please let us know at any time.You'll get soonest response!   Professionals mainly from the waterproof connector shell, size, material quality and other aspects to choose, then the connector on the panel should also take into account the appearance. Connectors are usually composed of plugs and sockets, the most common is our LED display light, it can be said that the popularity of connectors in people's lives. However, common waterproof connectors are generally used to protect the insulation shell to do it. In some complex and extreme working environment, the usual connector is difficult to ensure the safety of the equipment, so to design a waterproof connector. For example, in an underwater environment, if the most traditional connector is still used, water can invade the circuit and cause damage to the device. So many LED waterproof connectors are used to connect. But have to say is that waterproof connectors will be divided into many types, different types also have different uses of the environment. As we Kenhon electronic waterproof connector contains a drag more type connector, F connector, T connector, waterproof, connectors and so on.