Metal Square Flange Plug Waterproof Connector

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Kenhon Technology leads everyone to recognize the standard materials commonly used in the production of waterproof connectors and its advantages:

The type of shell material:

Nylon (English name Polyamide (PA): currently divided into two types of "nylon 6 and nylon 66" is a thermoplastic resin containing a repeating amide group - [NHCO] in the main chain of the molecule.

Advantages: heat resistance, low friction coefficient, abrasion resistance, self-lubricating, shock absorption and sound absorbing, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvent, good electrical insulation, self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, Good weather resistance.

PVC: chemical name polyvinyl chloride.
Advantages: resistance to folding, light, water, oxidation.

Product Description

As the waterproof wire is more and more widely used, KENHON Technology Co., Ltd. in the process of designing the model, its wire type is quite complete, in order to occupy an advantage in the waterproof wire market and improve its brand cost performance. After grasping the differences and characteristics between each other, the characteristics in the industry will be more and more diversified.

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Country of Origin:
Brand Name:Kenhon
Product Name:Metal Square Flange Plug Ethernet Ports Waterproof Connector
Selling Unites:Single
Delivery:7-15 Days

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