L-com expanded the waterproof USB 3.0 cable assembly to solve the harsh environment connection application

IRVINE, California, July 27, 2020/PRNewswire/-L-com, the preferred manufacturer of wireless electronic brands and wired and wireless connectivity products, today announced the launch of a new series of IP67 waterproof USB 3.0 for testing and measurement, data Cable assemblies for transmission and harsh environment computing applications.
       L-com recently added existing waterproof USB 3.0 cable assemblies and added four new cable series. L-com’s new waterproof USB cable assembly complies with USB 3.0, and has a waterproof panel/shell mounting connector at one end of the assembly. These rugged cables have threaded connectors and O-ring seals to ensure waterproof and dustproof protection to IP67.
       There are now two new series of cable assemblies, they have IP67 metal type A female jack to standard type A male plug and panel mount IP67 type B male plug to standard B type male plug. These components are ideal for connecting USB devices to panels or chassis.
       In addition, L-com now offers panel mount USB 3.0, IP67 couplers with 10-inch wires. The U3A00025-10I has a Type A USB 3.0 jack with an IP rating of IP67 and a 10-inch cable, and the U3A00027-10I has an IP67-rated Type-B USB 3.0 jack with a 10-inch cable.
       ”Now, by adding these new cables and panel mount couplers with wires, we are able to provide customers with more waterproof USB 3.0 connection options. L-com provides one of the widest selections of off-the-shelf products specifically designed for industrial computing applications. Tailor-made USB connectivity solutions,” said Dustin Guttadauro, product line manager.
       L-com’s new waterproof USB 3.0 cable assemblies are available in stock and can be shipped immediately.
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