No electric shock when pulling the plug in the water! What is the principle of waterproof socket?

Recently, a piece of news caused a sensation: Pulling the plug in the water does not get an electric shock: The Chengdu guy has built a socket that is not afraid of water, and the order has exceeded 50 million yuan. So, what is a waterproof socket? What is the principle of waterproof socket?

What is a waterproof socket?

  Waterproof socket is a plug with waterproof performance, and can provide safe and reliable electrical and signal connections. For example: LED street lights, LED drive power supplies, LED displays, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, communication equipment, detection equipment, commercial plazas, highways, villa exteriors, gardens, parks, swimming pools, etc., all need to use waterproof sockets.

   There are many brands and types of waterproof sockets on the market, and waterproof sockets are judged as IP standards for their waterproof level. Look at the waterproof performance of the waterproof connector, mainly look at the back two digits XX of IPXX, the first X is from 0 to 6, the highest level is 6; the second digit is from 0 to 8, the highest level is 8; therefore waterproof The highest waterproof rating of the connector is IP68. Note: IP44 and IP55 are not waterproof to be precise. If there is no note: IPXX, it is even more impossible to waterproof. So be sure to look carefully when shopping.

How is the waterproof socket waterproof?

   is mainly to prevent water from entering the parts that need to be protected by sealing, including isolation using sealing rings, sealants, etc., or special design structures (such as multi-layer isolation ribs, etc.) to prevent water from entering. The auxiliary structure is to set up drainage holes, so that the incoming water is discharged before reaching the part that needs to be protected. These contents are usually realized by installing a waterproof box.

   Waterproof socket sealing principle: Rely on up to 5 sealing rings and sealing rings to pre-tighten the seal with pressure. This kind of seal will not lose the pre-tightening force when the connector expands and shrinks, and the waterproof effect is guaranteed for a long time. Water molecules cannot penetrate under normal pressure. Some sockets can even work for a long time in water depths less than two meters.

Can I buy waterproof sockets sold by small vendors on the street?

   Some street vendors used DC power (battery power supply, output 12V or 24V) for the waterproof plug strips demonstrated by some street vendors. The water used is actually distilled water (distilled water does not contain impurities and is highly pure and non-conductive), so it cannot be taken seriously. If you use such a so-called waterproof socket of unknown origin, it will cause irreparable consequences in the future. You still have to go to a professional store or mall to buy a waterproof socket, and you can’t be cheap.