Summary of foreign trade trend of Jianhong Technology

With the current global economic wave type of a development trend. Today to the development of foreign trade business and you talk about this topic, according to the logical understanding, usually a huge rise in the yuan would blow on foreign trade export enterprise, according to exchange rate this problem, companies should consider when choosing the customer dependency to consider diversification, customers scattered around the world, so often appear the situation of “Oriental not bright western light”, It is still a problem that the export volume has been basically stable. Now the appreciation of RMB has indeed caused the recession of the whole industry. In such a big environment, it is unrealistic for enterprises to have a big development. At the same time, because the product research and development needs to invest a lot of money, but the company’s capital chain is very tight at present, in this case, only through the change of business model to adapt to the environment. Another one is the severity of the current foreign trade situation, I think in order to survive in the difficult situation, enterprises must do their own brand and service; And try to differentiate. Only in this way can we control the opportunity of doing foreign trade.

In view of the above, our company is also slowly in the way of foreign trade, but we must have a sufficient understanding of this market, we believe that through the continuous efforts of jianhong people, foreign trade prospects will certainly be bright!