Understand some forms of waterproof plugs

The mechanical strength of the waterproof plug is high. Because the shell is made of plastic produced by a special process, it can not only receive strong impact and slow aging, but also has an inevitable flame retardant effect. It can be used not only indoors, but also for long-term work in an open-air environment.

The heat dissipation performance of the waterproof plug is better, because the main object of the waterproof plug is high-power equipment, the effect of high current is that the line temperature is higher, and the heat dissipation performance of the waterproof plug is better than other general plugs. The most common contact we have in daily life is the civilian waterproof plug. When we hear the waterproof plug, we may not know anything.

Waterproof plug protection measures, due to the presence of chemical raw materials, acid and alkali substances, industrial wastewater and other substances near various industrial environments, the waterproof plug will be damaged. The environment is connected, and the diameter of the power cord of the waterproof plug itself is small, which also limits their carrying capacity.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand the power of industrial equipment that can be carried when using the plug, otherwise it will cause the plug to burn out, and there is a high risk of explosion hazards in some places. It is best to assemble all the lines of the waterproof plug into the explosion-proof junction box when wiring, so as to prevent electric sparks when the plug is connected, and it will endanger the risky place when pulled out.7d47a602


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