What’s Good About Waterproof Connectors?

Waterproof connector can be used in rainy days and outdoors. It has high quality waterproof function, can be used normally even in water and perfectly protects the power line and network line.

The biggest advantage of waterproof connector is to go up in waterproof this characteristic of course, the waterproof grade of waterproof connector reached the level of national a class, can prevent headwater to enter with erode, and prevent dirt to enter connector to bring about its performance to drop.

The protection level of waterproof connector is different, according to its ability of waterproof and dustproof, they can also be divided into different grades.

The performance of the waterproof connector depends on the size of the last two digits of IPXX. The grade of the first digit is 0-6 according to the increasing range, and the grade of the second digit is 0-8 according to the increasing range, so it can be seen that the protection grade of the highest grade is IP68.

IP68 represents that the waterproof and dustproof ability of the waterproof connector has reached the highest level. This kind of waterproof connector can be used in the places with harsh and complex environment.

The waterproof connector has reached the national level

The sealing performance of the waterproof connector is also very good, and it has obtained the certification of international UL, CE, CUL, ROHS and so on.

The waterproof connector can ensure that the electrical performance is not affected by external factors in use and the internal mechanical equipment is not damaged.

The use of high-quality housing also ensures the stability of electrical performance, but also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, resistance to pressure.

The material zinc alloy used in the carrier of the internal connector of the waterproof connector can guarantee no more failures in the transmission process, and the gold-plated technology is used at the contact point to ensure the reliable connection of the waterproof connector.

The requirements for the temperature of the waterproof connector are from -40℃ to 80℃. As long as the waterproof connector can be used normally within this range, the high technical level guarantees the advantage of the quality and performance of the waterproof connector.