Nylon 6Pin Waterproof Connector M12

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Nylon 6Pin Waterproof Connector M12

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1, the principle of contact:

In fact, the most critical design of the waterproof connector is the contact formed by the female terminal and the male pin. Poor design, process and unsuitable base materials, plating, can lead to undesirable contact or even the formation of contacts. Conversely, excessive clamping force will cause excessive wear on the surface of the connector and reduce its mechanical life, ie the number of insertions and removals.

The contact is designed with a round needle and a terminal for the lathe. Palladium nickel has high hardness and low void ratio, so its corrosion resistance is good. Gold has high chemical stability, low hardness and high cost. In contrast, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

2, production principles:

Traditional power supply waterproof connectors are mostly machined. Based on the increasingly mature stamping technology, a new generation of stamped power connectors has been derived. In contrast, the lathe processing process is relatively simple, and the setting time of the grinding tool is short, which is a relatively flexible production technology. Although the stamping process is relatively expensive, its cost is comparable to that of lathe processing when it is put into mass production. In particular, stamping technology allows partial plating, which is an option that lathe processing cannot provide. From the perspective of quality, in the case of long-term mass production, stamping molding ensures a certain quality stability, which is not comparable to lathe processing.

3. Assembly principle:

The method of board assembly is crimping, surface mount or soldering; the method of cable assembly is screw connection, soldering, winding, grinding and IDC (commonly known as piercing connection or insulation displacement connection). To choose the right waterproof connector, not only the price of the connector, but also the most important factor is the proper assembly technology. Solder connectors are naturally less expensive than surface mount and crimp connectors because they do not require a high temperature plastic housing and do not require a special crimp area for the pins. However, if the board is a surface mount component, it is more cost-effective to choose a surface mount power connector.

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