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M12 waterproof connector is IP68

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M12 IP68 Waterproof Connector Assembly Type 6Pin Electric Cable Connector is our new product and it's also a better product we sell.We are committed to providing you with high quality products and services that best suit you.We firmly believe that your opinion is an important driving force for our perfection.Please feel free to contact us.All comments or feedback are also appreciated.

The uppercasefirst number followed by IP indicates dust protection, and the lowercase second number indicates waterproof

Protection level -second number, the degree of protection against liquids (including dripping, spraying, immersing, etc.):

When number=0: No any protection for water.

When number=1: Prevent water droplets from entering.

When number=2: When the connector housing is tilted to a 15 degree angle, the drop of water droplets into the housing is have no effected.

When number=3: Rain or the like is sprayed from the corner of 60 degrees to the casing or water, the connector is have no effected.

When number=4: The liquid is splashed onto the connector housing from any angle at any angle without effect.

When number=5: Rinse with water without any damage.

When number=6: It can prevent strong jet water (such as sea water) from entering and can be used in the environment inside the cabin.

When number=7: It can be used to prevent water from entering during short-term immersion.

When number8: continuous water immersion under a certain pressure, it can prevent water from entering the connector during complete and continuous flooding.

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