One Trailer Three Waterproof Electric Connector

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Waterproof connector  terminology

1. Waterproof connector: It can be used in the harsh environment with water to provide high-performance, reliable and safe line connection. It can usually be attached to wire and cable or its equipment to provide separable electronics for electrical connection of transmission line system. element. The waterproof connector has excellent sealing performance and is waterproof and dustproof. The highest grade is IP68 waterproof connector, which is more commonly used in LED equipment.

 2. RF waterproof connector: RF waterproof connector refers to the waterproof connector used in the range of RF. The RF waterproof connector is also called RF coaxial waterproof connector. The main name of the RF waterproof connector is the universal standard code of the international standard. The naming rules for the different structural expressions of the specific RF waterproof connector are detailed by the international standard. The specification makes specific provisions.

3.  Video: Video is a kind of radio wave, the frequency range is usually between 3HZ-30MHZ.

4. Radio frequency: radio frequency is also a kind of radio wave, the frequency range can reach between 3,000HZ-3000GHZ.

 5. Coaxial: The inner conductor of the coaxial waterproof connector has medium support, and the structure generally adopts the minimum internal reflection coefficient in the frequency range used in the measurement.

6. Classification: The classification of the waterproof connector is indicated by IP. The two digits followed by the IP indicate the level of dustproof and waterproof, and the highest is the IP68 waterproof connector.

    Sealed Waterproof Connector: The sealed waterproof connector has a very high sealing performance and has a waterproof connector that meets the sealing requirements of specified dust, water droplets, moisture or liquid.

One Trailer Three IP65 Waterproof Electric Connector Y Type Male Female Waterproof Connector Plugs & Sockets

Product Name:One Trailer Three Y Type
Application:LED, E-bike
Connector Type:Adaptor
Connector:Wirie Connector
Material: PVC, PA66, Rubber
Waterproof Grade:IP65
Packaging:Tray Packaging
Lead Time:15 Days

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How to order the Y waterproof cable?

Waterproof connector wire

1. First determine your circuit requirements, series, parallel, or other wiring schemes;

2. Determine your main line and dividing line specifications, such as the main line using 2*1.5 square PVC or rubber line

Line with 2 * 0.75 square PVC rubber line or;

3. Determine whether the main line and dividing line need to be equipped with joint.

4. Determine the length of each line segment, please communicate and negotiate with our company in detail, and confirm the engineering drawings;

5. Select the most suitable medium clip mold according to the main line and dividing line.

LED drive power wiring scheme


1. In the past, the method was as follows: buy the power plug and send it to the wire harness manufacturer for injection molding of waterproof male and female head, and then connect it with LED.

2. Now, the solution is: buy the waterproof connector of the package, and connect it by yourself.

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