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The fuse box can be divided into a lead fuse box and a car fuse box. Common injection molding materials for fuse boxes are: plastic, nylon. Each material has different degrees of high temperature resistance. In the process of selecting the fuse box, the current of the fuse used, the size of the fuse, and the larger the fuse current should be taken into consideration. Therefore, the wire corresponding to the fuse box should be a larger wire.

Product Specification

Place of Oigin:Guangdong,China(Mainland)
Brand Name:Kenhon
Blade Fuse Seat Size:Guide Blade Fuse
Type:Fuse Box
Rated Current:40A
Product Name:Automatic Vane Fuse Seat
Rated Voltage:32 Volts
Product Type:Blade Fuse Holder
Lead Time:15 Days

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1.Q1:The higher the level of the waterproof line, the better?

A1:Yes,The waterproof line has IP65, IP66, IP67, IP68, and IP68 is the highest level.

2.Q2:How to deal with the faulty?

A2:Firstly, Our products are produced in strict quality control system and the defective rate will be less than 0.2%.Secondly, during the guarantee period, we will send new drivers with new order for small quantity. For defective batch products, we will repair them and resend them to you or we can discuss the solution including re-call according to real situation.

3.Q3:Can you guarantee the quality of the product?

A3:Yes, we can. We will pass multiple tests before the product is shipped.