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The fise block adopts PVC and PA66 environmental protection material. PVC and PA66 are the most common insulating material with good thermostability and cold - resistant. The products of our company are all made of entirely new raw materials, and there is no recycling waste.The company products quality has the guarantee.

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Oringin:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
Business Name:Kenhon
Item Name:Fuse Block
Product Name: Waterproof Fuse Box
Product Material:PVC, PA66
Color:Black, Red
Lead Time:7-15 Days
Open Port:Shenzhen

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1. Waterproof fuse block.
2. Can be customized length wire.
3. Customized solutions can be provided for you.
4. Color and material is available.
5. Professional R&D team can help to customize items.