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Company Name:Kenhon
Address:Guangdong, China(Mainland)
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Product Information Name: M19-2P docking waterproof joint brand: proficient in the goods number: M19-2P color: black, if you need to customize other colors, please contact the customer's product features This product is made of environmentally friendly nylon fiber material injection molding, terminal pure copper gold plated, waterproof Level up to industry IP68 waterproof grade, ROHS, CE professional certification, professional engineering recommended hole guide, easy to install and quick thread insertion, male and female plug and pull small size, beautiful appearance, high performance, assembly socket plug is very convenient, solid shell, waterproof. Widely used in: high-power outdoor lights, LED strips, LED spotlights, LED wall-washing landscape lighting, outdoor spotlights, bridge tunnel lights, street lights, field exploration equipment, outdoor displays and other places where waterproofing is required. In the event of a fault, it is not necessary to pinch off the cable, the plastic sleeve, etc., only need to unscrew the two ends of the waterproof connector, which is very convenient for product maintenance.

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