T Waterproof Electrical Connectors Lighting

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Product Description & Specification

OriginChina (mainland)
Socket typeStrong power
Current typeStrong power
Plug functionWaterproof type
ModelWaterproof three-Links
Color Categories3 Core 0.75MM4 Core 0.5mm2 core 0.5MM3 core 0.5mm2 core 1.0MM3 core 1.0MM4 core 0.3mm2 core 1.5mm2 core 0.75MM

Picture of waterproof t connector


Q: What is the Voltage rating of waterproof t connector

A: AC250V

Q: What is the Wire materials of waterproof t connector?

A: PVC, Rubber, Teflon and etc.

Q: What is the Withstand voltage of waterproof t connector?

A: 1.5KV/1minute

Waterproof connector as the name suggests is a waterproof cable, also known as waterproof connector, waterproof line. Waterproof plug by matching the male and female butt docking composition, unlike ordinary plugs, plug in the socket on the power, and a socket can plug a lot of plugs, do not need to buy.