White Metal Nut Waterproof Connector

Product Details

White Metal Nut M16 Waterproof IP68 LED Lighting Male Female Plugs & Sockets Connector

The material of the white metal nut is made of aluminum alloy, and it can be replaced by black according to the customer's requirements. The connector with the nut will have better waterproof effect and it is not easy to loosen. If you need this M16, please place your order in time.

Product Specifaication

Interface type: AC/DC

· Shape: round / flat

·Manufacturing process: stamping / welding / injection molding

·Features: waterproof

·Contact material: pure phosphor bronze

·Joint material: PVC/PBT/PA66/PC+ABS

·Number of cores: 2-12 cores

·Number of stitches: 2-12 stitches

·Line length: arbitrary (mm)

· Form: socket, plug stamping or post-weld injection

·Rated voltage: DC 0-24V (AC 110V, 500V)

·Rated current: 1-50A

·Puncture voltage: ≥1500V (special requirements, please specify when ordering)

·Working temperature: -40~105°C

·Protection level: IP65-IP68 (please request other orders when ordering)

·Wire material: PVC, rubber, silica gel, PE, etc., other according to customer requirements, the conventional national standard RVV sheathed wire

·Certification: CCC, VDE, UL, ROHS, SGS and other certification wires can be used according to customer requirements.

· Appearance color: black, white, transparent, etc.

· Conventional products: the joint material is PVC, the wire type is CCC national standard RVV sheathed wire, and the regular length is 200mm for male and female.

·Design and manufacture non-standard products according to customer requirements

·Number of cores: 2 cores

· Cable inner section: 0.75 square (conventional)

·Line length: arbitrarily long according to customer requirements (regular long male and female 20cm each)

·Please indicate the number of cores, the square of the cross-sectional area of the inner line, the color, the length of the wire, the peeling of the tail end and the length of the tin (normally 3cm and 3mm) when ordering.

Production application

1, install the normal process

After making the connecting tube, it is wrapped with a yellow ribbon, the overlapping width is half of the bandwidth, and the winding length is more than 150~200mm. The number of layers depends on the voltage level. Then the outer layer is wrapped with J-20 self-adhesive tape, and the overlap is half the bandwidth. The length should be at least 100-150mm over the yellow ribbon, and the number of layers is not less than 6 layers.

After the three phases are completed. They are rounded, and then wound into a circular shape by self-adhesive tape as described above, and finally wound with a plastic anti-wear tape, the overlapping amplitude is half of the bandwidth, and the overlapping amplitude is half of the bandwidth. The length should be at least 150mm longer than the self-adhesive tape, and the number of layers is not less than 3 layers.

2. Waterproof treatment steps for the low-voltage cable intermediate joint:

1) After the terminal is crimped, wrap the waterproof filler around the terminal. Shrink the heat shrinkable tube.

2) If it is a slightly humid environment, wrap the waterproof packing tape on both ends of the cable and shrink the sheath tube (the two ends of the sheath tube must be glued).

3) If the environment is bad, you must use self-adhesive waterproof tape to strengthen the waterproof (you can also use heat-shrinkable waterproof tape, we usually use self-adhesive tape, heat shrink tape is used for cable damage repair). the way is:

A. After filling the waterproof filling adhesive, wrap the outer layer of the filling rubber with a self-adhesive waterproof tape or stretch the self-adhesive waterproof tape to wrap the multilayer, but the thickness should not be too thick, so as not to cause the insulating sleeve to not enter.

B. Shrink the heat-shrinkable tube in the glue.

C. Wrap the waterproof tape on both ends of the heat-shrinkable tube, then wrap a layer of self-adhesive waterproof tape, wrap the waterproof tape and self-adhesive tape on both ends of the cable insulation sheath, and then heat the shrinkage of the sheath tube.

Showcase of M16 Metal Nut IP67

Customers with needs are welcome to visit our company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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