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Product Details

Y Type One Trailer Four IP65 Electric Waterproof Cable Connector

Product Description

Name: Y-type one trailer four waterproof connector

Brand: Kenhon

Color: Black, we accept custom colors.


This Y-type multi-connector is a new multi-pass waterproof joint line developed by human and material resources based on the exact requirements of customers. This waterproof joint line has beautiful appearance and superior performance and reliability. A variety of waterproof testing requirements, suitable for multi-connection of LED lighting products. Easy to install, the length and color of the line (the existing color is black), the wire diameter can be customized according to requirements.

Application range

The product is suitable for the waterproof quick link of the link cable of the new optoelectronic technology products such as LED, and the cable of the plug and socket is injection molded. Widely used in LED outdoor lighting, such as various outdoor guardrail lights, digital tubes, rainbow lights, landscape lights; various outdoor floodlights, floodlights, curtain wall lights, wall washers; outdoor soft strips, hard light strips A variety of underwater lights, LED street lights, solar lights; a variety of outdoor lighting controllers and a variety of massagers, all kinds of induction sanitary ware and so on!

It adopts fire retardant, cold resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-UV material, good waterproof and electric performance, easy to install and easy to transfer.

Photos of Y Type One Trailer Four 


1. When can I get the quotation?

All of inquiries will be replied within 12 hours. If it is urgent, we can be reached at skype: oliviarenhotec

24 hours online.


2. What's your MOQ?

Normally our MOQ is 1000pcs. Small orders are also welcome.


3. What about the lead time for production?

3-5 days for sample, 10-12 days for bulk order.


4. How do you guarantee the quality?

All of the raw materials we used are purchased from qualified suppliers with certification approved, we promised our connectors are strictly accoring to UL, ROHS standards. QC will inspect goods before shipping to ensure the quality.